Choose Life

By Melissa, 18, written after her bone marrow transplant.


Love or Fear

In my heart burns low, a fear only I can ever know
and with this haunting how can I live, for all my
thoughts to this I cannot give.

And yet neither can I ignore the painful situation
I am in and have been before.
An all too real truth I know
the way things seem is not always what is so.

Love or fear, choose one, choose life.
Both entities will never in harmony recite
the songs of my soul.

So I choose love, but how can I? When I’d be
lying to myself, denying to myself that I’m not
scared of what could be.
A cruel reality has not been lost on me.

Faith in the world, the spirit of a girl,
trust in the order, the sacred rhythm of time
that pulls me forward
and brings me each new morn is what shall
bring me to love, and I shall no longer be torn.

©2009 Teens Living with Cancer. All Rights Reserved.