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Stay strong! Always think positive!

November 24, 2013 by  
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This post send by Johnathon Yeager

Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 14. No one deserves to go through such horrible things, but it happens. I have done every possible treatment it can think of: chemo, radiation, experimental, MIBG therapy, bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy.. Whatever! I relapsed 3 times am still continuing to fight it at the age of 20! For those of you put there in the same boat, just stay strong and continue to fight with your head held high. It may sound easier said than done, but it\’s the only way to kick cancer\’s A**! Positivity is key. If anyone wants a friend to talk to or have any question my email is johnyeagb15@hotmail.cpm! Especially for those of you in the upper Midwest! North Dakota and Minnesota! Stay strong and always try to smile :-) keep fighting.

In search for other teens in Phoenix AZ

October 17, 2013 by  
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This post send by Jade Olson

My name is Jade Olson, I am 16 years old and I was diagnosed with leukemia in April 2013. I had to move 4 hours away from home to get my treatments here in Phoenix and i am having a hard time relating to people who arent dealing with the same things i am… if anyone is in this area, or anywhere really, who are battling cancer i would love to connect with you and chat about things we have to deal with that no one else understands. My facebook is hit me up on there if you want someone to talk to.


September 6, 2013 by  
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This post send by Rhiannon Deamer

I\\\’ve recently been diagnosed with type AML Leukaemia and want to get to know other people in the same situation as me☺

Needing advice or info. Plz help!!!

September 2, 2013 by  
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This post send by Savannah

Okay, so they switched my chemo to a regimen called folfox. Which is commonly used for colon cancer but in this case is being used for my liver cancer. Since I began this drug it has been soooo much worse than the other stuff I was on. I am having side effects which include the normal (fatigue, nausea, decreased appitite etc.) But now I also have new side effects which include painful tingling in my hands and feet when anything cold touches them, stinging in my throat when drinking anything cold, and more hair loss. These symptoms are normal for my chemo from what I am told. But my problem is that I am having certain side effects that my doctors are not able to explain. This includes increased urination sometimes and other times urinating without knowing it, extreme burning in my throat and chest whenever I eat anything (cold or hot) And sometimes when the burning occurs I feel as if I cant breath. Which is extremely terrifying. I would just like to know if anyone has had these symptoms on folfox or on any other chemo, and what I should do about it. Because my health is slowly getting worse when chemo is suppose to be curing my cancer. I know that chemo takes a huge toll on ur body but still… Also my doctors believe I may be contracting diabetes on this chemo, has this happened to anyone also? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated I am just starting to get scared and I am sorry to those of you who feel this is TMI but I just need to know if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks

August 15, 2013 by  
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This post send by

“An Awakening”

August 11, 2013 by  
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This post send by Karen Rice

“An Awakening”

When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnose; first thing came to mind was a “death sentence”. However, I found out later that it was truly “an awakening” for me; even after being diagnosed with colon cancer a few years later. I began questioning God, why would you do this to me? What had I done in life so bad to have this placed upon me? But instead of bemoaning my fate, I decided to look for the positive side of it. There has to be a reason for it all.

I also realized that I was about to face a new beginning, new hope, do and see more with a whole new prospective on life. When I think of the “gift of life” that was given to me, I know that I will develop and gain strength from all my experiences. Even with the complications I now have to live with, and all the struggles I\\\’ve dealt with my entire life, I still feel truly blessed. For a while, I wasn\\\’t happy with the way I looked after my surgery and the pain I had to endure each day, but I decided to snap out of it. I thought about the individuals that are no longer among us. I also realized that there will always be someone worse off than I am. I reminded myself, that I “still have my life” and who am I to complain.

One day I experienced something of a miracle and felt the compulsion to write it down. I turn that experience into a poem and I called it “Peace”. Writing has become therapy for me. I took that poem, along with many others I had composed during my breast cancer period and placed them into book form. I was blessed enough to have that book published and it\\\’s titled “True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival”. I\\\’m hoping that anyone who has the opportunity to read my poems, get out of them, what I placed in all of them. My poems are from the heart, as real as any could ever be. With the words and phrases of each poem of statement, I wish to make a positive impact on someone who\\\’s ill or otherwise, where they could develop the strength to embrace life in a whole new way. I never anticipated becoming a writer, I just became one. I truly believe when you survive a horrific tragedy or a horrible disease as cancer, it\\\’s for a reason, “you have a purpose” and I want to live to find find out exactly what that is for me.

I recently had another inspirational book published, titled “If Only I Could Fly, said Mattie-bee” and I\\\’m working on my third. See, that\\\’s what I\\\’m all about now, inspiration. I would have never become a writer, producing inspirational poems and stories, if I had not gone through all that I did. I\\\’m a true example that you can survive cancer not once, but twice, providing you catch it in time, have faith and allow that faith to direct your path. I\\\’ve not saying all will be easy, but you must believe. This is what my experiences with cancer made of me, a true believer!

Written by,
Karen Rice/x2 Cancer Survivor

A Friend.

August 8, 2013 by  
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This post send by Kimmy

Hi Everyone.

I am a first year Radiation Therapy student in university this year. I am from South Africa.

I have had a lot of experience with cancer patients in my life, with family and friends, this is what has driven me to entire the field.

I\\\’ve had experience with skin cancer patients, leukemia, breast cancer, cervical cancers.. and I have formed bonds with my patients and been a friend.
I was born to help. Let me know how I can.

I can\\\’t present you with any answers or solutions.
But I can be a friend. You won\\\’t judge you..I will listen to you..and be there for you the best I can.
this is my email. Feel free to contact me.


August 8, 2013 by  
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This post send by Ivylin Cordova

Hi everyone my name is ivylin Cordova I\\\’m a cancer survivor and I have PTSD from it I was 13 when I had Rhabdomyosarcoma I was really scared when I found out I didn\\\’t know what to do I had really bad depression none of the people I went to middle school with know I had cancer only one knew my best friend I told her the day I found out she started to cry hard I cried hard to I couldn\\\’t breath for a moment I told her ill be ok ill be fine she said ok she asked me if anyone else knew I said only my family and you that\\\’s it and I was so angry,sad I didn\\\’t want to believe it had it a month after I turned 13 I wanted to cry I had it in my uterus I couldn\\\’t stop bleeding for 6 months I knew something was wrong so did my mom she told the doctors what was wrong with me they said it was regular teenage stuff I didn\\\’t believe it but I\\\’m 2 years cancer free I\\\’m 15 now I\\\’m great I have a beautiful girlfriend and I\\\’m proud to be bisexual ☺ CANCER SUCKS!!!!

Help Me Make a Statement

August 2, 2013 by  
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This post send by Kim

Hey y\’all. My name is Kim and I am 17 and live in Southern California. I am an AP Theatre student who is writing and directing a one act play this year at my high school. I have a friend who just became a cancer survivor and have many family members who have had cancer as well. I want people, especially high school students, to be aware of cancer and what it really means in the life of a teenager. I am writing my one act play about a fictional teen girl who is writing a blog from her hospital bed about her experience and the memories will come to life infront of her in the hospital room, slowly telling her whole story of the journey. I want it to be very true to life, so that is where you come in. If you would like to share some specific stories or memories of times when your friends didn\\\’t know how to act, or your family had hard times because of it, or what it was like to lose your hair, I will use them to inspire the story of my leading lady. (guys, feel free to chime in too! your stories are just as valuable!) I also need to know what it is like going through chemo and radiation and any other treatments so that I can make all of my depiction as accurate as possible. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any of you who have had significant others during this, I need to hear all about that too as the character will have a boyfriend. I want to help educate people on teen cancer, and I hope you will join me in making this statement. If you would like to send me stories or info email me at I am also here at this email if you just want prayer, someone to vent to, or a friend. Thank y\\\’all in advance for your help in the education of people everywhere! Love and prayers to you all, Kim.

Looking for “The Road I Followed”

August 1, 2013 by  
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This post send by Charlotte Hummel

I am trying to find a copy of the workbook called \\\\\\\"The Road I Followed\\\\\\\" for a teen coping with end of life issues in her family. Please let me know where I can get a copy. Thank you

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