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My name is Andrea, I\’m 19 and living with Leukemia. I was diagnosed on 7/05/2012. Months prior I had been feeling sick, but I still went to school and graduated HS. I am still doing treatment – chemotherapy and taking lots of meds. I am also Diabetic because of the meds. I also have a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (mild) which only affects my left leg/motor gross skills. I have just started college this Spring 2014. I want to share my story with others, help them, offer advice, and inspire them to never give up, have faith and never lose hope because we can beat this! Stay positive and God bless! (: Feel free to email me at the email listed above or on twitter @AndreaMVee Please continue fighting, thinking positive, and never giving up! This life is truly beautiful and we should live it to it\’s fullest intent! Looking forward to hearing from you!



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