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My name is Jade Olson, I am 16 years old and I was diagnosed with leukemia in April 2013. I had to move 4 hours away from home to get my treatments here in Phoenix and i am having a hard time relating to people who arent dealing with the same things i am… if anyone is in this area, or anywhere really, who are battling cancer i would love to connect with you and chat about things we have to deal with that no one else understands. My facebook is hit me up on there if you want someone to talk to.

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi Jade,

    Wow, it sounds like you have had a lot of change to deal with since April. There are lots of teens and young adults who can relate to the major life shifts that happen becuase of cancer.

    Have you looked around our website – especially at our videos Jade. One helpful tool, if you haven’t already found it is our Cancer 101 Video series (also on youtube). Go to Cancer Facts and click on Cancer 101…or just visit our Youtube channel and they are all loaded directly on there as well.

    Sending you strength and many good thoughts

    Leah Shearer
    Program Coordinator
    Teens Living with Cancer
    Rochester NY

  • Valeria

    Hi jade!
    My name is Valeria. I’m from Texas. I was diagnosed with leukemia in last December. I’m sorry I don’t live in your area, but if you ever feel like talking, just send me an email. I have a Facebook too. My email is

  • abletec

    o, gosh, young people–please be careful about posting personal details on a publicly viewable website! You’ve got enough problems w/a horrible disease, w/o the possibility of dealing w/child predators who stalk these sorts of sites just looking for vulnerable youngsters. The dear Lord’s blessings to u both–I’ll be praying for u. & please do be careful!

  • Samantha rae

    Hi jade I am 15year’s old and I am no longer dealing with cancer it self but I am a 3 time survivor of ALL acute lymphocytic leukaemia I had it first wen i was 3 and then again at age 9 an then again at age 12 I am now dealing with trying to figure out the world again its not essay but I will get threw it I know how you fill about trying to be with other kids who are not going threw cancer and I think I I can understand you and relate to you even though I am no longer dealing with cancer! !!!!! But if you want you can find me on face book under Samantha manriquez u well get threw this and there Will be hard times but you got to tell ur self that its gana pass and you can beat cancer! !!!!!

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