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Hi everyone my name is ivylin Cordova I\\\’m a cancer survivor and I have PTSD from it I was 13 when I had Rhabdomyosarcoma I was really scared when I found out I didn\\\’t know what to do I had really bad depression none of the people I went to middle school with know I had cancer only one knew my best friend I told her the day I found out she started to cry hard I cried hard to I couldn\\\’t breath for a moment I told her ill be ok ill be fine she said ok she asked me if anyone else knew I said only my family and you that\\\’s it and I was so angry,sad I didn\\\’t want to believe it had it a month after I turned 13 I wanted to cry I had it in my uterus I couldn\\\’t stop bleeding for 6 months I knew something was wrong so did my mom she told the doctors what was wrong with me they said it was regular teenage stuff I didn\\\’t believe it but I\\\’m 2 years cancer free I\\\’m 15 now I\\\’m great I have a beautiful girlfriend and I\\\’m proud to be bisexual ☺ CANCER SUCKS!!!!

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