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Hey my name is kendra and I\\\’m 15 years old I was diagnosed 2 years ago with ALL. When I got diagnosed I was at the end of 7th grade and at a small school with only 10 kids in my class. But not I am a freshman almost sophomore in high schools s I moved to a pubic school where there is more people. Only a few people know what is going on in my life. Lately I\\\’ve been missing a lot of school and when I come back to school after be gone for a while I get all kinds of question like where have you been? Skipping school? Or why do you miss so much school? I also get the question dont you get in trouble for missing school and all I answer is I have a doctor excuse. I am ready to be done with treatment and get back to life like a normal kid. I know I will get through this and one day my story will help someone else. If that person is you and you have question email me I would love to make new friends. ☺ stay strong everyone!

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hey there Kendra,

    It’s tough missing so much school especially when you feel the others in your class don’t understand what is going on. My first question to you is are you uncomfortable sharing about your illness and your treatment?

    What you might not realize is that there may be a little more room for understanding if they do have a sense of your difficult situation. Perhaps you and your parents could talk to a trusted teacher or staff member to help you appropriately notify others.

    Not sure if you are comfortable with that…but I know that other students calling out your absences might be just as hard to deal with. It might be scary but you might find a lot more support coming your way from finally sharing. You would definitely give your classmates and the adult staff members in your school a chance for some awareness on cancer.

    Just a few thoughts from someone who knows that knowledge is power.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester, NY

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