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I had the choice to choose treatment or to let the cancer run it’s course, I chose life. Now I feel like I am wasting my life in a hospital because I chose treatment. I have missed so many things because of the cancer and I feel like I am going to miss a lot more. Has anyone else ever felt this way? What am I suppose to do?


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  • Crystal

    I think we all feel like that at some point and there’s no right answer. What is your prognosis? Is there a chance you’ll be cured or are you just buying yourself time by continuing treatment? Good luck!

  • Ruby

    I had that choice too, but in a slightly different way – when my cancer came back the fourth time, with it spreading to various parts of the body, I was given the choice of intense chemo (w/ 80% success), a trail medicine (unknown success and side effects) and a less severe chemo oral pills that allow me to go to school (but the chance was just 30%) At that time, I was prone to choosing the 30% choice because I was thinking if I’d die either way, why don’t I let myself continue with my dreams – going to college and traveling to other places. One night, my dad asked me if you had two years to live, what would you do? I thought about that that night,I thought about my trips, my future and my parents. Tears were coming down my face when I thought about them. What would happen to my beloved parents if I just pass away? With 80% success, yes, the journey is hard, but there’s a 80% of chance that I will still be able to be with them in the future. Think about it this way, I was glad that I was offered with a treatment plan. Some people’s cancer is just too severe that they had no choice. and can you really enjoy life when cancer is growing at an accelerating rate inside your body? I know treatment is hard and it’s normal to feel you can’t continue anymore,but think about those you love when that happen.

    • Ruby

      Good luck! Wishing you the best!

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