ewings sarcoma

Hi I’m allie and i am 15 , i have ewings sarcoma.I had chronic leg pain for about a 6 months and figured it would go away.I was terrified when i found i had cancer, i was too young to die.

When i was first diagnosed i didnt want to bother anyone for anything. I am a very independent person. My had a tumor in my leg which caused my thigh to break. I was put in a hip spica cast. So basically i couldnt really get up to the washroom or even dress myself. its the worst when you cant even get your own pants on yourself. i eventually learned to ask for help if i needed it.

My treatment plan included 6 rounds of chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery, 8 more rounds of chemo with 28 rounds of radiation. Ive gone threw 2 port a caths (first one broke) and have gotten a stomach tube since ive been diagnosed, and have had 8 surgeries.My chemotherapy used to make me so sick i was in the hospital for 9 weeks when i started and i could eat at all . Currently i have 2 more chemo rounds left. im still recovering from my leg salvage surgery and im on crutches. Ive recently gone back to school.

I still considered my self very blessed. I live in a loving small community. I have supportive friends and family. They actually did a few fundraisers at school and in the community. Ive received endless cards, and many gifts. I also am at one of the best hospital in Canada and i have an amazing oncology team. I have a school trip to Quebec City and ottawa to look forward too, as well as a summer camp for kids have or had cancer.

It gets better

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  • Leah Shearer

    Wow Allie,

    You’ve been through a lot. But you are so right- you have a lot to look forward to indeed. Sometimes it’s hard for people to realize how blessed they really are. Isn’t it funny how sometimes it takes a challenge like cancer to make that clearer?

    So glad you are back in school and I cheer with you at only 2 more chemo rounds remaining! That is fantastic.

    Keep us posted and if you ever feel like interacting in one of our Google Hangouts (video chat) maybe we could get you connected? Email me if you have an interest.

    Leah Shearer

    Program Coordinator

    Teens Living with Cancer

    Rochester, NY

  • http://twitter.com/norshazlynkk AJ

    hello Allie, im Alyn and we’re in the same age. it hurts to see you suffer at such a young age. i couldn’t imagine if i was you. i don’t have strength like you. i hope you gain your health back and im here to cheer you up!! at this age you should be schooling but there you are, fighting with cancer. i don’t have cancer but im always stressed with my life so i want to find some stories that can motivate myself. and your story really motivated me~ thanks for your strength now i feel like living my life once again. and by the way you posted this on my birthday, 21 April! ^^ im glad. hope everything is going to be okay. my pray is for you :)~

  • jonathan david cisneros

    heyy allie im jonatha im going through the swme thing you are its not ffun and i relise that the pain is unbareble and i have had cancer for 7 yrs and it is the same cancer you have im 15 and i have beaten 6 diffrent times and they told me i might not make so i wish you luck and keep your heart pumping

    • Allie

      Thanks Jonathan , I’ve relapsed after a month of finishing treatment, hearing that you’ve beaten it six times makes me feel a lot better, my planis to stay positive and keep fighting thank you !

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