Here We Go Again

Im 14yrs old living in California and fighting a battle with Cancer “ALL” Leukemia.I have been battling since the age of 3yrs old. I have relapsed 3 times and on my 3rd time now.The first 2 times It was discovered in my bone marrow. This time it was found in my spinal fluid”CNS”. Each treatment is 2 1/2yrs. Iam currently 1yr and 2months into this treatment and although iv had many hard times and very scary moments today Iam doing well.Iv just been told that Iam exspected to under go Radiation. it is kinda scary but I have been doing this for so long ive learnd all you can really do during scary moments like this is too be possitive and strong.If anyone can continue to help me stay possitive and strong or just show your support,it would put a smile on my face….. know im not alone,I have an army…We need a cure!!!!

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  • Samanthas Army

    Damn to say Im proud doesnt even begin to express how I feel..iam honored to be apart of your Army. Iv been blessed with the beautiful smiles and laughter from you and your sister,mommy is with you each step of the way,and am fighting along urside. You are my inspiration and you continue tohis will amaze me with your strength. Luving you with all that and your sister are my reasons for everything….keep believing keep your head up.God chose the perfect leader to lead this army to finding the cure…fighting with you and always for you…..Lord here a mothers prayers and a childs wish……Samantha Mommy Loves you…..

  • Samanthas army

    Samantha there are no perfect words to describe you. Every time I here your name I think of a strong girl that has had to fight so much in this world at such a young age. I cant express enough how strong and courages I think you are. I dont think I could go through half the stuff you go through on a daily basis.

    I constantly fear going to the Dr because I am afraid of what I might hear,but then I sit there and think if you can go through the things you do without complaints and still I see you afterwards and you always greet me with that beautiful smile. It then makes me realize that I better just suck it up and just do it.

    I thank God everyday that he made your mom and me best friends because I was able to be a part of two beautiful girls lives since the day you two were born. I have been around and will always be around. I am in your army and we will fight every herdal down together. You and your mom are the pepole I admire the most. Your strength and love for each other can move mountains. I am blessed to be around you all on a daily basis.

    I can go on and on about you and your mom, but I dont want to make this a book lol. We love you all very much. Anytime you need anything Im just a phone call away.

    Big ox from Bianca and family :*

  • Leah Shearer

    You’re right. You are not alone. Looks like you do indeed have an army behind you. Consider me one of those cheering you on as well. Continued strength as you face this difficult challenge.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester, NY

  • Giggles

    Hi. I read your amazing story. You are truly a fighter. If you would like to give me your email I would love to keep in touch. Stay strong.

    • white angel

      Hi im Samantha and thankyou for your support and I just thought I would give u an update on me. I am now finally done all of as of September 20th of last year! !!!!!!! I am fifteen years old now going to start being a teenager now and get ready to start my junior year in high shcool next year!!!!!! And I would love to stay in touch with you!!!!!! Are u on Facebook or do have an email or something!

  • Leukemia Sucks

    E-mail me if you want a friend.

    I’m 17 w Leukemia.

    • white angel

      Thanks for being another person I can talk to!!!! I am all done with chemo and everything finally it fills good to be free again!!!! I am getting used to life and people again im 15 now and I am enjoying summer vacation and getting ready for shcool ill a junior this year! !!!! Im existed! !!!!

  • Savannah Shea

    This was very meaningful and I love how optimistic you are about it all, I wish you luck and happiness. I hope you keep up the good mood. Oh and also I love what your mom said, almost made me cry lol reminds me of my mom. It makes me happy to see family being there for each other :)

    • white angel

      Hi Savannah thankyou for your support and love im am happy to say I am cancer free and im all done with chemo treatment! !!!!! As of September 20th of last year!! !!!!! Are u on Facebook book I would love to stay in touch! !!!!

  • white angel

    Hi everyone its been a long rode for me an my famliy but now we can finally breath it is all over an done for ever affter 11 long tirering years I’m done with it I beat it for good after 3relapses! So I have to say all thogh it been hard I got threw it so never say u can’t do it! If u put ur mind to it u can do anything u want!

  • Andrea Vasquez

    Luekemia (ALL) patient. YOU are NOT ALONE.
    I’m with you, stay strong, think positive, prayers.
    Andrea, 19

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