Rachels’ Story

My name is Rheanan, and my best friend Rachel was just diagnosed with stage two leukemia. She won’t give me many details, but my friends and I are all her best friends, and we just found out tonight. We aren’t handling it well at all. How do you cope? How do you deal with something you never dreamed would happen to your best friend?

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  • Dominique CancerButtKicker

    For an awesome and inspirational story google or facebook Emily Whitehead. She’s a friend of mine and kicked leukemia’s butt a few months ago.

  • Taylor

    This was me and my friends a few months ago. Right now, you need to take things slow and just let your friend know you’re there for her. Everything is going to start happening fast and it’s going to be a long journey for all of you, as it will be for us. Take everything one step at a time and always remain possitive.

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