Bladder Cancer

Hi, I’ve only just found this site as I thought it might be helpful to share stories with people who have gone through a similar situation to me.
2 years ago when I was 17, I went to the doctors with an unusual numb feeling in my right hip, he sent me for ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans and eventually for a flexible cystoscopy (incase anyone doesn’t know that’s basically when they put a camera up into your bladder). As soon as the cystoscopy was over I was asked to wait in the surgeons office while he went to get my parents, we all sat in the office while he told us I had a bladder tumor that could be cancerous, as soon as I heard the word ‘tumor’ I just completely zoned out.
I was put on an emergency list and I had an operation just 2 weeks later to remove the tumor, they done some tests and found out it was cancerous, so they injected a dose of chemo into my bladder.
Luckily that one dose was all I needed and I now have an operation every 6 months to check the tumor hasn’t came back, which it hasn’t done yet!
I am definitely very lucky and sometimes I don’t think I deserve the sympathy people give me, all I think is I didn’t know it was cancer until after it was gone and I only needed one dose of chemo, which didn’t give me any side effects at all since it was injected straight into my bladder.
The only thing is sometimes I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, no-one I know has gone through anything like this and according to my doctor, Im about 60 years too young to have bladder cancer, no-ones knows why I got it so young and now everytime I have my 6 monthly operation or I have the slightest pain in my bladder im terrified the tumors back. I guess that’s just something ill have to get used to.

Thanks for letting me rant, haha

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  • gabi

    how bad does it hurt1-10?

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