Let me just say that this website is great. I don’t feel so alone now knowing other people have gone through what I’ve been through. I feel like I should share my story, because it may help someone.

I was a normal 10 year old. I was enjoying my 6th grade year and living my life to the fullest. I enjoyed many trips to Disney and was taking dance classes. Life was good. Until, April of 2010. I was diagnosed with embroynal rhabdomyosarcoma. Phew! Never thought I could say it all.

At age 10. The tumor was in my sinuses and I had surgery to test it for malignancy at the children’s hospital of Philadelphia. Our fear came true when we learned it was cancer. It felt like my heart had sunk to the floor when I found out. As a young girl, when I learned I would have to have chemo I immediately thought of my hair. Would it be gone right away? How long until it all fell out? I wasn’t thinking of the seriousness of the situation, but I guess that’s where the innocence of a child comes through. My doctors at CHOP had me start treatment immediately so we could nip this cancer in the butt. I endured many pokes and pinches, blood transfusions, and 3 surgeries through the whole process. I had a feeding tube since I wouldn’t be able to eat for 10 months. Imagine that. I didn’t put one piece of food in my mouth for 10 months. I was fed through a tube in my stomach. My throat was so damaged from the radiation I would need. I had 10 months of chemo. It was a long journey, but I came out victorious. I beat my cancer and now I’m almost 2 years out if my last treatment.

I want to let those starting out to know that you will get through this. Yes, it’s devastating. Your going to feel so many emotions. But, think of your life. You will get through this and there will be a better life after cancer. I’m living it.

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  • Leah Shearer

    So glad you are finding the website helpful. That’s what we’re here for.

    Sorry you didn’t leave your first name so I wasn’t sure how to address this.

    Wow, that’s great – almost two years out of your last treatment! And now you are here showing so many others through your experience that hope can be found even through the tough times. Thank you for sharing this.

    One thing struck me in your post about what you were saying, how it seemed unthinkable that a young person might be faced with using a feeding tube.

    As I was thinking about this I did some searching and found a young woman on youtube who does a great job of talking about her feeding tube and demonstrating how it works. For those of you teens out there who often find it hard to explain the use of this device or having others understand this video might be a helpful tool.

    It also reminds me how much you all inspire me in the way many of you educate your peers and spread awareness. In an age of technology so much awareness can be spread with each of your voices.


    Leah Shearer

    TLC Program Coordinator

    Rochester NY

    and two time cancer survivor

    • Emily

      Hi there ! My name is Emily and I went through similar events. I would love to correspond with you. I had brain cancer twice, once at 3 and relapse at 6. I am now 13. I am trying to cope with some difficult issues regarding self esteem, my hair never grew back after all the treatments and I feel so different from the others teens. Here is my email :

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