Still not sure whats going on!

Hey! My name is Amy (19) and about two weeks ago I was given the diagnosis of serous carcinoma behind my uterus. I just feel really alone because nobody knows how I feel. I felt really empty and numb for the first week, then on Saturday I was annoyed about something which triggered something within me and I became the HULK! Im taking my anger out on my friends and family, and my a really close friend of mines just isnt coping well with it. Just felt like I had to share how I felt.

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  • Maddy

    Right now it is ok for you to freak out, your family and friends will understand that, and you don’t need to worry them right now. It is ok to let your anger and confusion out, in fact it is completely normal. As a mere suggestion, maybe pick up an entertaining hobby that will take your mind of things, and perhaps relax you. What you are going through is a serious challenge, if you have to release stree, go fo it, you need to do what you need to do. I am glad you came here to share your emotions, I personally think it is great that you can put down on paper(digital paper that is) how you are feeling and what is going on.

    If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to email me at
    I am 17 and have never had cancer, but I am a distant friend if you ever just need one to talk to.

  • Adalenne

    I’ve been there. I’m 17 and was diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma in september. I had a tumor in my cervix. I had to have a radical hysterectomy. If anyone can relate, it’s me. I’m here to talk ANYTIME. My email is

  • White Angel

    Hi amy my name is Samantha I am (14) an I have been fighting “ALL” lukiemea sence I was (3) an this is my third realaps an i know how it fills too fill alone an fill like they dont understand how you fill when you fill sick or craby or upset but you just have take a deep breath an try too make the best out of every day an you have to be strong an never ever give up even if you fill like you want sometimes theres days that I fill like I want give up but I have too remeber that my friends an my family need me too be strong an i have learnd that if you show that your being brave an strong others will follow along too! so remeber that ok an stay strong!

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