Hello My name is Derek and im a 32 year suervivor of Leukemia (ALL) from Toronto

I was only 13 when I was told that I have Leukemia and in 1980 the odds were very low on survival and the whole world scared the ___ out of me but I managed to not give in and fought back, taking advantage of the Chemotherapy and radiation and just pushing myself to take the abuse i was recieving and over come it….Well thanks to some great Doc’s at Toronto’s Sick Childrens Hospital, My parents, Ronald Mc Donald House and some great friends I met along the journey, I had three children totally healthy and a great life.

After 32 years Im 100% healthy and you will be too….

if anyone has questons or would like to talk about life with Leukemia feel free to contact me at 250-883-7633 anytime night or day…I hope I can help…Derek

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