How Can I Help?

Hey everyone, I am Maddy (17), and I have this deep appreceation for teens going through cancer, so I want to know ways that I can personally help. I feel selfish to post this among your incredible stories and posts, but for for the last two years I have just wanted to support teens with cancer. I have been following and adoring this blog for quiet some time, and I finally decided to just post this. I am looking for suggestions of ways I can help teens in unique ways. I chat with a few people with cancer and stand as an online friend who can talk with them, which I love. It is however rare that I find someone who wants to email me as a friend, because they prefer to talk with other people who have can cancer and can directly relate, which, I completely understand. So here I am reaching out to you, looking for ways that I can help. I am up for knitting hats (cute hats, not cheesy hats), talking online, donating money to a fund, teaching other students about cancer, ect. Ideas anyone?
-Thank you all so much

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  • jasmine19

    I don have any suggestions but good for you!!

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