Hi, my name is Taylor, and three days ago, I received one of the worst texts in my entire life. It was from my best friend, who I’ll refer to as lil ducky (Our nicknames for each other are lil ducky and ducky). It read; “I have some bad news, I have leukemia.” She is fifteen. My heart dropped and I went completely numb. I had no idea it was possible to be shaking so hard yet feel nothing. She had been sick for a few weeks, and I had even skipped out on Halloween so we could hangout at her house together.

At this time, I do not know many details, but am terrified. And then I think; :”If I feel like this, how must she feel?” Her family has been through so much already with her brother, who also has countless health issues as well. She is one of the most supportive, possitive and resilient people I have ever met.

All I want to do is see her, but I cannot until her first round of chemo is over.

Anyone have any advice or info? I’m so lost. It would be dearly appreciated.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey taylor. keep in touch with your friend if you can, and let her know that you’re there for her. my best friend has had a brain tumor since she was an infant, and i know what it’s like to feel completely lost at times. do your best to hang in there, and try to stay optimistic. im here for you whenever u wanna talk. plz dont hesitate!

  • Taylor

    Thanks a lot! I’m going to try and be there for her in any way possible. This has brought in so many new perspectives. Possitivity is my new motto.
    I might just take you up in that too. Thnks again.

  • cancermom4families


    My son was diagnosed with AML at 16. He is now in remission and 18. We lived in the hospital for 6 months. No matter how strong your friend is, she and her family will need a lot of support. Follow your friends leads, if she wants you there to talk, be there, don’t push her to express how she is feeling, and don’t treat her like she has cancer. I was there with my son every day and night, and a lot of that time was spent just being there in the room with him. He didn’t want to talk or socialize a lot of the time, so I was there on the couch in his room just to be there, watching tv not trying to engage him in anything. Sometimes the best thing to do is to be there and do nothing, because sometimes “nothing” can be the biggest help of all. Another bit of advice, don’t cry in front of your friend, with my son he felt like he had to be strong for everyone else because they were upset. I never cried in front of my son, and that made him feel more comfortable to be able to cry when he wanted and needed to, he could be more open about his feelings with me because he didnt have to be strong for me. Good luck to you and your friend. Be strong and supportive. May God bless you both and give you the strength you will need! ksevere69@aol.com

    • Taylor

      Thank you so much, I completely get what you’re saying, I’ve been through something similar before and this is the advice I will give to my friends about it as well. The concept of “nothing” being a great help makes sense also, I never considered that perspective. I also found out out day she has AML also. Thank you so much. I wish you both the best of luck as well.

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