My husband has ALL

My husband is 32 years and was diagnosed with ALL January 9th 2012. It has definitely been a long journey so far for us on chemotherapy but are blessed to say he is in remission. We continue to fight daily! I am proud of my husband, and I admire him even more now. He is putting up a big fight for me & our children. I just want to know what really happens after chemo & maintenance?? Do people with Leukemia really go back to living a normal life?

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  • White Angel

    Hi my name is Samantha and I have (ALL) as well I have been fighting it sence iwas 3 im 14 now an this is my third time doing this an I honestley think that life is what you make it even fighting this for so long I am still liveing life normal even if I dont get to do everything other 14 year olds do but still find ways to live life like normal so keep being the strong person you are an tell your husband to keep on fighting he can do it never ever give up at all!

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