Seeking input for my book…the more the better!

Hey there! For a project in school, I’m going to write a book for preteens/teens who have friends with cancer, as my best friend has had a brain tumour since she was an infant. I am looking for ANY input anyone has to help me. Do you have cancer? What have your friends done during and after your treatment that has helped you the most? Or, what didn’t they do that you wish they had? And if you are the friend of someone with cancer, how has cancer affected your relationship? How do you deal with your own emotions, and what have you done to try and make your friend feel better? Please share anything you can…the more information the better! Thanks :)

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    hey guys! do you have cancer? what are some things your friends have done to help you? OR what do you wish they HAD done to help you? what would you want your friends to know???

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