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Hi guys I belive very strongly in talking to people with cancer and understanding their stories and supporting them through it. I9 myself am 13 and have mad many of my family members suffer with cancer. What I’m looking for is someone to talk to, and e-pal or pen-pal, please get back to me and I’ll send you my e-mail.

Keep fighting… Supporting you all the way!

Celine x

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  • Maddy

    Hi! I am like you, a few people in my family have had cancer as well. I am 16, I do not have cancer but I volunteer at a childrens hospital so I am neer cancer situations. i am very interested in being there for people who have cancer through writing (email). Anyway, I don’t know what you would want to talk about, but I am here if you want to chat! You may be aming for teens with cancer, but if you want someone who shares your interestes just as a friend, email me.


  • White Angel

    I am 14 an I have “ALL” luekiema i have been doing this sense I was 3 an this is my third realaps it is geting harder an harder cuase its been so long an it somtimes fills like it will never stop so its nice to talk to somebody going threw this too it fills good to talk to someone who understands what it fills like too fill tierd an sick all the time it sucks most of the time but i have too be posative!

  • Elliemaex

    Hi im 14 and have melanoma which is skin cancer one of the most dangerous forms of it and i was looking for a pen pal or e pal just to have someone to talk to my email is anyones welcome to email:)

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