I’m 18 years old and I have been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma for 2 weeks now

I am just looking for some people to talk to who on some level know what I am going through :/
I have skype – ellieisnotonfire
and we can go from there :D
I don’t mind talking to anyone really

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  • Sam

    This group is very helpful: https://www.facebook.com/lymphomaclub

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4KEVGNGDAAXXMGFOQPPXLGGBBU Daniela

    Hi- I don’t have lymphoma, but I have leukemia. My name is Daniela and I’m 17, and I know how much talking to someone helps. You can email me at dddani3@yahoo.com

  • Asinafashionstadubai

    hi daniela ,

    i wish u get better soon

    With love…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000030208438 Bryn Thomson Mugnolo

    Hodgkin’s Buddy! Hey, not trying to be a creep, I’m Bryn. I’m 17 and a member of the core TLC group and a proud Hodgkin’s survivor! You are one of many here, my friend. It’s a popular type. If you ever want to talk, go ahead and email me at bmugnolo@aol.com.

  • http://twitter.com/melibee5 melissa

    Hey Pal. I’m Melissa, I have Rhabdomyosarcoma. Although we don’t have the same cancer I know we share one thing all of us on this page and that is Cancer. I know is very important to talk to people and vent. Here is my email, alfarom_57@yahoo.com :)

  • Maggie

    Just gotta say, I enjoy your skype username. (Not trying to creep) danisnotonfire? Yeah?

  • Amanda LeBlanc

    hello, i’m amanda and i’m 17. i don’t have personal experience with cancer but i am epileptic(seizures). i go to ACH (Arkansas Children’s Hospital) to meet with a neurologist. i’ve had epileptic episodes since i was 5 years of age and i still have them today. i’m on hangouts.google.com a lot so if you ever want to talk here’s my email….


    • Amanda LeBlanc

      i don’t have skype. sorry. but i video chat on hangouts.

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