osteosarcoma- staying strong, but struggling.

hello! my name is angeline. i am an 18 year old university student who just got diagnosed with osteosarcoma about 3 weeks ago. i have a positive spirit, but staying strong for my friends and family is starting to tear me down. i would really appreciate some support and a friend to talk to, especially a teen/young adult. i have many adults who want to talk, but it just isn’t the same. if anyone is out there wanting to make a friend, please contact me. i would really appreciate some understanding. thank you.

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  • Jane

    My 13 year old son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma yesterday. I know you dont want to talk to a boring 40 year old mum but just to tell you your not alone. What’s your treatment? My son has an op to remove a bone in his foot on18th December. All results aren’t back yet so we dont know much more. I know you dont want my help but I could use yours on how best to help my son. Thanks. Good Luck.

  • josie

    I am currently going though treament for the same exact disease. So please email me at josabet101@gmail.com if u want to talk
    im 17

  • Jennifer Zusurekuu

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