Looking for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers of those with cancer

Hi. I’m Una Kennedy and I’m involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (Pittsford) event which will take place in two weeks, the weekend of July 14/15 at the Pittsford Sutherland High School athletic field. We need survivors and people who have taken care of those with cancer to walk in the first two laps of the relay. It is a tremendously uplifting and inspirational part of the entire relay. This will be Pittsford’s second annual relay event and we are hoping for as wonderful a turn-out as there was last year for the first one. If you, your friends, your family, others you know who are survivors and those you know who have cared for those with cancer are willing to walk in either of these first two laps, PLEASE contact me for more information at unapro@hotmail.com . I thank you very much and I wish you continued good health. Sincerely, Una M. Kennedy

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