my friend has cancer

hey guys, was just researching and found this site, thought i’d post my story as haven’t really spoken much to anyone.. My best friend back when I was about 10 (I’m almost 17 now) got cancer (desmoplastic small roundcell tumour if that means anything to anyone) and he battled it til he was 13, did loads of amazing stuff and met a bunch of famous people. When he died, i think he died happy as he had become a teenager and had all his family and friends there the whole time. Now another one of my friends also has cancer (since she was about 11, but now it’s been diagnosed as terminal) and she’s being so brave and strong but never talks about her illness. We go out a lot when she’s up for it and have lots of fun, but I’m so worried for her and her family as I don’t know if she talks to them a lot about it either. I guess I’m just asking for advice to make her last few weeks/months (who knows) the best ever, and to make sure she’s as happy as possible..I was younger when my other friend was going through this so didn’t have as much input but now feel I’m a bigger part of the situation. Hope all you guys are happy, much love and hugs to you all! XX

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  • Daniela

    You are such an incredibly good friend. You have no idea. And I’m sure both of your friends know this. When I went through treatment, a lot of the people I was friend with left me. . Only 2 have gone through my entire 5 years with me. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you. I’ve had a few friends pass away, but I was never extremely close with them. Just being there for your friend means more than anything, believe me.

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