Thyroid Cancer

Hello! My name is Renee R. I am 14 years old. This year I was diagnosed with type 1 #diabetes, severe scoliosis and most recently #thyroidcancer. (Ironically I hate needles)! I will be going down to the #mayo clinic on Tuesday, and will get a full neck dissection. What do you guys think of #mayo? It seems like a great place: best in the country and all. I have heard of presidents and royal people going there! I am scarred of going though: I am not friends with iv’s & the surgery will be huge. :(. These last few months have been really hard on me; i have to get back treatments which really hurt & the diabetes etc. I really appreciate comments! If you want to contact me @

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  • Graphicbirdie

    Sounds like you’re allready a strong man! I don’t know which mayo clinic you’re talking about but if you have been going there for other things it is probably the best option. Anyway, I am 16 and i have never had cancer, but my mom, grandmother, and grandfather have so i know a fair amount about it. I am totally connected to my computer so if you ever need someone to talk to about what you are going through, just email me at I would love to hear from you if you need me. You sound like you have been through a lot and i know you will do well continuing on your strong jouney.
    Best of luck to you, i hope to see you around here more. And remember, your welcome to email me about absolutely anything!

  • Livia Ellen

    u have to be strong gurl, life is not aboutt happiness only, sometimes we need to stay strong o face the problems :)

  • Salsa

    I never had cancer,but i respect and always pray to people who has cancer. If you wanna be friends e-mail me

  • Jennifer Zusurekuu

    i know someone who had diabetes and got healed by using the BIODISC read about it and visit this website for more information u can email me stay blessed

  • Jacob

    hey Renee, my name is Jacob and at the age of 8 i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. i had to undergone surgery to remove it, am currently 15 years old now and i am doing better and hope you are as well but if you want someone to talk to send me a email at

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