Sophie Grace

My name is Oliver and my girlfriend of one year died from cancer earlier this year. Her name was Sophie and she was just 17. We met at school last year and began dating. She was beautiful. We had an amazing time together until, in November 2011, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumour on her brain which was inoperable, and she was told that she had 3 months to live. She refused treatment, as she wanted the best quality of life she could get. She had received offers from universities to study French this year, and she was set to receive 3 A grades. She was a fabulous pianist and had received a diploma for it. She was also Head Girl.
We had always talked about getting married and having kids. So On Christmas Day 2011, I proposed to her. We got married in January and all our family, friends and teachers came. She looked stunning, as if she didn’t have an illness at all. I took her to London for our honeymoon. That was the best, happiest day of my life. She died on the 20th of Feb 2012 in her bed with her family all around her. She was so gaunt and fragile, but at the same time, at peace. Her battle with cancer was short, painful but she died with dignity. I will always remember how she took the news. She wanted to make the most of her numbered days and she couldn’t bear the thought of her family and I being miserable. Her funeral was just as beautiful as our wedding. In the same church, just over a month later.
Her cancer was discovered too late. She had been suffering from chronic migraines, blurred vision, fainting episodes and cold like symptoms for a month, she only went to the doctor when she had a seizure at school one day. I loved her so much. And still do. I’m going to uni this year without her and I can’t believe that I am a widow at 19.
I will never forget her.

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  • Jane

    Oh my god.
    She sounds amazing.
    May go be with you

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