Where can i go? possible melanoma.

recently i have been worried about the moles around my back, arms, legs, pretty much everywhere. I noticed there are a lot more on my back (around 35) which are all decent size, about the size of the diameter of my pinky finger.
anyway over a year and a half ago i went to visit a skin specialist who took photos of all of my moles and told me to be very cautious and to come back later for a re-visit. they took blood tests and everything you could think of. The problem is that my mother, is a nurse and thinks she knows everything, she was too stubborn to call the doctors back for results, so i never got any and now I’m too scared to ask her if i can re-visit him because they are growing. All she will do is yell at me, so where can i go for help? i work part time but i don’t have much money :/

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