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Hi everyone,

I thought I’d start my own topic as it seemed less intrusive than commenting on other people’s. I’m part of a group of journalism students creating a magazine aimed at young female cancer patients as part of our coursework.

The magazine is never actually published but it has the chance to be entered into some national awards.

I’m putting together a feature called: ‘letter to my cancer’, based on an idea I’ve seen on a few blogs whereby patients write a letter to their cancer as if it was a person.

I’m told by patients who we have been in touch with regarding this and other ideas for the magazine that writing these letters can be very theraputic.

If anybody felt like helping out I’d love to have your contribution. It doesn’t have to be long, around 300 words and it can take any tone you want – it can be fighting talk, poigniant, funny or just realistic. All we’d need would be the letter and a photo attached. And, like I say, it’s never actually published.

If this is something you’ like to help with then email me at


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