Hi guys. i’m 19 and diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. I’m in a beauty college and it’s a relatively small class. i made an announcement on tuesday, i just wanted everyone to know what was going on in case i wasn’t at school. it was easier than telling people one on one. but now i’m reaaaally starting to regret it…everyone is asking so many questions and i know they’re concerned but i really just do not want to talk about my surgery date or chemo.. how would you tell people to bug off? lol i’m also pretty quiet and i’m nice so i don’t want to just tell people ” hey i really don’t feel like talking right now.” help? (stay strong everyone!)

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi threre,

    Don’t feel bad about sharing this information.
    Remember that their questions are just because they are concerned about you and naturally, who wouldn’t be. During this tough time having these friends and classmates on your side is going to be very important. I may have a solution for you.

    Have you thought about starting a blog or a website through one of the free services offered online? Many people find them a great way to share information with people in their support network all in one big way.

    After you have set up the site and you give the address to all these people, you can just ask that they log in to read about what’s going on. This way you have a little bit of breathing room without having to answer so many questions at once.

    What do you think about this idea? Worth a try?

    Two great examples are and

  • Jonaveze Versfeld

    hi im Jonaveze, im 18 andwas diagnosed with lymphoma 3 weeks ago. i didnt know how to deal with it, dint know what to tll my fiends so i decided my way o dealing with it was making it a status on facebook saying : so i guess have cancer. im struggling dealing with it now? wanna skype me ? skype name jonaveze21 bbm pin :29d8051a

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