Post-Radiation Sarcoma

So I just had a recurrence after 8 years of being cancer free. I was originally diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in 2002, and was cleared for remission in 2003. This summer I found a tumor n ear my original one (right knee) and had it biopsied, radiated, and removed. Now I’m facing 6-8 months of chemo.

The tricky situation is that the biopsy tentatively revealed that I had the same cancer as before. However, after they removed the tumor and analyzed it, they found that it was a different form of cancer known (in layman) as Post-Radiation Sarcoma. Basically, the radiation I received in 2002/03 caused a completely separate mutation and cancer to form 8 years later.

Everything in my prognosis looks good, and I suppose it doesn’t change things very much, although I may have opted for amputation if I knew the true circumstances of the tumor. Frankly, I could opt for amputation now, if I so decided.

I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this kind of tumor. It’s really confusing to think about…. I don’t know whether to be relieved or upset. On one hand, it’s a good thought to think that there weren’t Synovial Sarcoma cells hanging out in my leg for 8 years. On the other, I’m now afraid of what radiation therapy can do to me in the future (even though they’ve implemented new technology in that field).


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    Hi Evan, my names katie and i also had a tumor that was a synovial sacoma just last year. Also i had recieved 7 rounds of chemo, radiation therapy for 7 weeks, and then surgery similar to you. I remember when i was going to start radiation they told me about the possibility of a different cancer forming because of this treatment. Seems counter productive right ? I wanted to know, if you get this, how everything went seeing how this type of thing might face me in the future. I hope everything is going well.

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