hi guys!

Hey everyone! m so glad that you guys are still holding on, You guys will surely make out through this. Though i am not a cancer patient i have a friend who is suffering from it. SO, i wanted to know how i can help my friend to stand on ground and fight with it!

Help me guys, i need to help her live happily

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi there,

    This is great that you are looking for ways to help your friend.
    I would say that the best thing to do for a friend like yourself to do is just be there.
    Tell your friend that you care, keep them in the loop with what’s going on when they’re missing out on it.

    Sometimes people think that showering someone who is sick with gifts is the way to approach it. But remember, it’s not about the grand gestures, but the things that come daily and can be counted on regularly from a friend that matter most.

    Just think: how can I make sure they know nothing has changed in our friendship?

    Phone calls, facebook messages, visits….everything helps.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

  • Brittanyfraser17

    i agree with Leah, when i found out that i had cancer all my friends started acting weird and it really didnt help me at all. it made my feel different when all i wanted was to feel normal.just wanted to know that my friends saw me for me and well some did and some didn’t. i wish i had a friend like you when i was at my worst. your an amazing friend just by coming on this site asking for ideas. god bless you and thank you. we need more people like you on this earth…

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