I had a bmt about 2 months ago for leukemia and have been home for a couple weeks now but am still constantly tired, if anyone has a way of coping with that please let me know

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi Alex,

    I haven’t had a bone marrow transplant myself, but I’ve spent a lot of time facing major fatigue in both of my cancer experiences and even prior to that.

    Here’s a tip I thought I might share.
    One thing I did was laughter therapy. It helped me a lot to laugh when I was feeling run down. Something happens when you laugh to revitalize you. Those magical little chemicals in your body called endorphins have this tricky way of making you think you have more energy.

    For me, I would watch episodes of Seinfeld and I Love Lucy– it would have to be something that I knew had an almost certain track record of regularly make me laugh. Or I would say if there’s someone in your life who is a pretty good comedian…tell em straight up “I need a laugh right now”. I was pretty good at asking people to do that for me.

    Now I’m pretty good at making people laugh…so there’s a return on that investment

    Hang in there, Alex.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester, NY

  • Alyssa

    hey….there. im kinda new at this but just wanted to help…er something. i’m alyssa 15 yrs old, rhabdomyosarcoma…..however you spell that….been on treatment for a while….since october 2011, so im pretty knowledgeable about this kinda stuff….yeah so are you going through chemo? cause if you are i could definitly tell you a whole bunch about that…. i’ve had a bone marrow biopsy and actually it didnt hurt at all but i do realise its so not the same thing…..i dunno….jusst looking for someone to relate to here thats not twenty….is that even considered a teen? maybe im just alking to myself but…. uh… mesage me back and i promise (so valid, huh?) that im not a creep or anything just kinda lonely from sitting home alone all day and at the hospital every week……

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