Back in treatment, back in the community

Hey everyone,

I’m really glad that this site is still here and that people are benefitting from it. I was first diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma at age 15 in 2002. Chemo, major surgery, radiation… we all know the drill, I’m sure.

Remission follows, thankfully. Lots of physical therapy. Then I graduate high school, move away for college, pursue a career in music, and then move home for a bit this summer after 6 years away. BAM! 8 years cancer free, and a tumor grows on my right knee 2 months ago and I find myself right back where I was. I could yap about that for hours, but I’m so goddamn tired to talking about it with my friends and family. I showed up on here again to see how this community was doing.

Like I said, I’m glad this site is as active as it is. BUT….. we can do better, people. And since this place is founded on donations and limited time/resources, we should try to be active in playing a role in that. I’m talking almost-exclusively about Facebook. Yes, I’m aware of the Facebook Group that we have. For those who aren’t, go here:

Still, I recall many of the lost times I went through during my first battle, and it these days it just feels so senseless when we have the means of communicating with people who really understand. And that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? We can talk to our friends and family, and they will listen to us until their ears bleed. But we’ve all had that feeling; as if we’re talking to a wall or speaking a different language. The feeling that someone is nodding their head without truly understanding. So we come here to find that understanding, learn about the problems we’re having, and help others cope with theirs.

Not everyone is desperate for someone to talk to all the time — I understand that. But I get the feeling (based on my own experience) that most of us simply aren’t connected enough. If you feel like you want to, then you should do it. Be it through private conversations, email, chat, or anything else.

My name is Evan Ruscher. I am 24 years old. This is my Facebook page: I’m unemployed and beginning cancer treatments for the second time, so trust me, I’m on there a lot. Friend me! Don’t be shy! I live about 20 miles west of Rochester, NY. If you EVER want to talk about anything, please contact me… on here, on Facebook, or on the TLWC group page. If you want to go out for dinner, coffee, or a drink (okay, this site is for teens, but I know I’m not the only one over 21) in the area… let’s do it (barring our respective health, of course). Hell, we can talk about everything BUT cancer, if that’s what’s best!

I can’t stress this enough: you should not feel alone. We’re the 21st century digital kids — there’s no excuse not to join together in a community, unless of course you don’t want to. We came to this site because we know that feeling of isolation, and that lack of understanding that we deal with so often. So…. we have the methods these days…. why not go around all that mess and become a stronger group?


Best Wishes,





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  • Leah Shearer

    Hello Evan,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I can’t agree more- we can do better.
    And with those like yourself helping us getting the word out– awareness can spread about what we do here.

    It’s tough jumping back into life that’s changed…and I can tell that even 8 years later your experience is still very much at the forefront. Should you want to see our location to see what we do in person (since you’re not too far from Rochester) please think about a visit.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

    • Evan Ruscher

      I’ll see if I can swing the time. I’m not sure if you knew Eric Iglewski or not, but he was my social worker that turned me onto this place. He was always encouraging me to step in and be active, because our demographic is so small that the support is tough to find. I used to be kinda shy back then, but 6 years in the Boston music industry has made me more…. “assertive” if you will.

      Aside from all that, I want to thank you directly for everything you’ve done. You guys were helping us years before Facebook came around.

  • Julie-Ann Mansfield

    I admire your enthusiasm Evan! It is great to have connection with people who understand. I’ll be around. A bit far from NY though. I’m Australian. I’d do coffee if I could! Jules xo

    • Evan Ruscher

      I’d go to Australia for just about anything, if I could :-P

  • amy

    hey I am amy and i am only 15. I love that you are trying to help others. I wish I could do that too but the only thing I can do is try to bring someones’ spirit up. and that’s only by internet. lol. I love it when people out there try to help others but its more amazing when someone else with cancer is helping others to cheer up. youre amazing. I wish there could be some group I could join that could go around hospitals making cards, playing games,and just acting like regular teens and do what teens do. hope we could try to make one. I live in nj btw.

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