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Okay, recently I was playing with some friends running around in a field and in nearby woods and my family told me that I wasn`t allowed because I could trip and fall and get hurt – (well boo – hoo you guys think I care if I fall). I wish I could just feel partially normal for a little while, even if it only is for an hour or so. Pretty much all I `m allowed to do is walk a little,breath,eat,talk, and lay around on the couch. Now all this and I can`t even play my fall school sport – volleyball! The chemo makes it so I`m so out of shape and I `ve lost most of my muscle mass. I`ll be lucky if I can get a lot playtime in the winter for basketball. Sorry if I sound whiney but, is anyone else having similiar feelings or issues.

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  • Farah Contractor

    I agree with you Molly! Chemo does make it hard to stay in shape. Especially if your in the hospiyal for a while. Everyone is worried about us getting hurt bc of low counts. The reason your family said no is bc they care. Mine is the same way. Hopefully you’ll be able to play basketball! I know how it feels to miss school sports too…I missed tennis 2 years in a row. But I always tell myself there’s always next year. Don’t lose hope, try and look on bright side. When all of this is over you can run in the woods and play as much volleyball as you desire <3
    xoxo Farah

  • Leah Shearer

    Hello Molly and Farah

    It’s true- during illness we often lose our ability to be active. Cancer especially. Often the treatments can rob us of strength. Sometimes that gives us reason for caution with some activities. However, it’s important to make sure too that we’re not over-cautious as well.

    Exercise can be a very good thing–if you are able and your doctor approves it.
    There have been a lot of studies in recent years on the positive impact of exercise…so you might want to look into this with your parents and talk about it with your doctor.

    The big key is to listen to your body.
    I agree with Farah on this– don’t lose hope.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

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