Summer of the Woodchuck – My Summer With A Broken Jaw and Ovarian Cancer(Part 1.)

Ya know, I never would`ve guessed that I would get cancer and especially ovarian cancer – I mean who`s heard of a 14 year old being diagnosed with it, I certainly hadn`t. It all started when I broke my jaw mowing the lawn June 5th, 2011. I was using the rider mower and all the sudden the lawn mower was being pulled towards our 5 foot tall retaining wall and I couldn`t stop it. The mower went down with me on top of it and while the mower landed straight up and down I fell and rammed my jaw on our cement basement wall. Fun, huh? Well, it bleed and bleed and I found myself in an trans – am going to a non – local hospital to have surgery.

The day of my surgery a doctor and social worker came in my hospital room and asked my parents to leave. They then told me I was pregnant, but I wasn`t, I would never do anything that could cause harm to my veterinary college future and I told them that and ya know what…..they didn`t believe me. They just kept telling me that I was and I couldn`t believe it and then they thought I would`nt want to tell my parents and just keep it a secret for a while, but I told them I wanted to tell my parents right away so wee could figure  out what was happening.

My parents didn`t believe it either and they pushed for an ultrasound after my surgery. Numerous OB/GYN doctors came in to see me  and asked me all the same questions. The next day I had the ultrasound  and the doctors found a 3.5 x 4.4 cm tumor on my right ovary.

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