you make your experience your own

I had cancer and have been cancer free for a while now. I have lost many friends to this horrible thing, but i will not let cancer define who i am. People always say how can you not be sad i mean you had cancer! my answer I am aloud to be sad but I wont let that control my everyday actions.There are two types of people and i have noticed this the first type aree the ones who lie in bed saying how can this be happening to me? and dont get up for anything. then there are the other type like me who make the best out of every experience even during a bad one. Examples of me making the best-
1.cant sleep- excuse to roam the hospital at 3 in the morning when nurses are not looking
2. chemo- make the doctor sit and play games until it is over
3. weird but puking- make your mom guess what you ate! (i cant even tell you how many times i did this!)
4. want to get up and walk- get ddr and dance your booty away
5. bald- draw on your head with washable markers!
I just saying that my doctors say if you have a happier attitude and smile you will leave the hospital sooner! i did too!

if anyone would like to talk email me

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  • Kimberlee Deutsch

    Great words of encouragement.
    I had just been thinking how much I hate/miss my hair and how I have had an alright summer so far but it has flown by, but I know in a couple weeks here I will be having surgery again to remove some more of the cancer. And of course thinking all of this kinda has just made me feel like Blaah about the whole situation.
    But I can’t even begin to say how right you are and how we can make the most out of even a rough situation. And it does make things better and easier when we can look at those situations like that.
    So Thanks for posting!

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