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Hey guys,  I have recently been dignosed on the 30th April with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I am hoping all goes well I’m only 13 and have had bad experinces in my life with cancer, I have had many family members lifes taken by cancer, I’m finding it a very challenging and difficult journey so far I know its going to get harder but i will stay positive and fight for my life.

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  • Lisa

    When i read this article i was shocked!!! I think that everything in the world is dangerous because anything could happen. We have to be positive, life is great and challenge.

    • Bridget01

      hey when u are shocked is that in a good or bad way

  • Makayla

    I know how you feel about Cancer. I was disnosed with a type of colon cancer that was rare and I was eleven (now i’m fourteen). the Cancer was so bad that I wasn’t suppose to make it to my 12th birthday if I didn’t go to the hospital. And the Colon cancer I had (I’m in remisson) when from my great- grandfather to my gradmother and her sibings and their children, to my mom, to me and my sister. but I kept thinking potive.

  • Bridget01

    I think the main thing is stay positive but im going really well so far with treatment no complications yet! Cancer has ruined my family aswell we all have had it somewhere and mostly overcome it i hope i do even though im thinking im not. I am doing Chemotherapy 3 times a week and i am in week 8 of my 2 year treatment plan. Hope your going well with remission, good luck for the future.

  • Destiney Limon

    i was dignosed in 04 now im 13 i have been through a lot i just wanted to let u know to stay strong a NEVER give up !! allways stay strong!!

  • Sarah Sims

    heey. i was dignosed with ALL when i was 14 in september of 09, and i only have 2 mouths left of treatment. there will be rough times but in the end you come out kinda new and aproved. stronger and braver. there were times where i felt llike just giving up. think whats the point of all this chemo that makes me sicker and sicker, but i stuck threw it all. and her i am almost finish my treatment :)
    you will learn so much about your self that you never new before.

    And remember cancer in adults is completly different in us kids/teens, we recover better.

  • Livia Ellen

    Well however, life is not about happiness only, sometimes we need to be strong to face the problem, let’s fight it ! i know u can ! –

  • Salsabilla

    Be strong ! i know you’re great and you can fight for your life, just believe if YOU CAN.

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