Help ppl think ima dude

I was diagnosed with AML back in december 11 2010. And i have lost all my hair(which is my pride) i was very strong bout it but now im startin to wear down because ppl are confusing me for a guy and im really upset bout it. my friends dont get it and idk what to do. someone please contact me. btw im 17

  • Kimberlee Deutsch

    I know exactly what you mean!! I had really long blond hair and I loved it SOOOO much. I haven’t had to have any chemo so far (thankfully) But they shaved my head twice since October 2010. And I have had the people who think I’m a guy, I work with little kids in a daycare (who clearly know who I am and know I am a girl) But still they’re like “you look like a boy” So I know what that is like. And it just hurts.
    But I will tell you a few things;
    First of all, it does get better, and when your hair starts to grow back, it just feels great to have that little bit of hair back, and you can actually do fun things with short hair (i have got to experiment and have fun, which I would never have done in a million years, cause I loved my long hair).
    Secondly, It always helps in the mean time to dress and wear enough make up so people clearly know your gender, and I’ll tell you one thing, I never liked to be girly and dress up, but when people then realize you are a girl and then can guess what you are going through, it makes things better, and is a confidence booster!
    And Thirdly, have you concidered getting a wig.. Not the greatest things in the world, but when you just want to pretend like you’re normal and have hair for a day it can be fun. And you can get cheap realistic looking ones.

  • Monica S

    i had that problem to i got diagnosed with aml in november 2009 but i came home from first round in dec. 2010 and i was bald so what i did was
    1. wear a wig ( but i got so hot!)
    2. idk if have to wear a mask i did but i drew faces on them! like ladybugs or smiling faces or funny mouths so it looks like i had one showing!
    3. i drew on my head! washable markers of course! but same like awareness ribbons or flowers like roses it might look wierd but it is something u have to get used too! if u want to email me its
    im praying for you

  • Ellie Cohen

    Cute scarves! I have ones that are like a cross between a scarf and a hat. Cotton is the best and they are so comfortable. Also inexpensive and you can change your look every day. I am having so much fun with my scarves and finding random pretty things to clip on them. I’m going to go vintage shop trawling to find silk scarves and twist tie them over my scarfhat 50’s style…also if you’re feeling brave get one of these :P

  • Karen

    I had a wig but never really felt right, I wore hats and since I had treatment in the winter I a skull cap that said “Everyboy loves an Italian Girl” …and they did. Good luck honey, only you will know what make you comfortable. And sometimes…just being plain cranky works.

    I have a scar on my chest from the biospy and anytime I wear a shirt that shows any chest people always say “Nice Hickey” which hurts just as bad…and I always respond, “I had Cancer…now how do YOU feel” And most people are mortified and I know that’s not mature but anything that helped me feel better is worth it.

  • Lizzie

    I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatocellular Carcinoma in february and started chemo soon after. Being a senior girl in high school, hair is important in my life. I bought a wig, but I hated how it felt and I’m not much of a hat person so I chose to embrace my baldness. My clothes stopped fitting also, so I was stuck wearing baggy t shirts and athletic shorts. Little kids started mistaking me for a boy, which hurt a lot at first. More and more children started asking me if I was a boy or a girl, but my reactions changed. You have to make the choice and decide if your tears or hurt is worth it. Sometimes people are stupid and say stupid things, but you know you’re a girl and that’s all that matters. If it really matters though, play up your eye makeup. We can get away with more dramatic eyes. Also, painting your nails a girls color helps too.

  • Lizzie

    If you need to talk, you can contact me on my blog. It’s just a website where I write about my battle with cancer and talk about how I’m feeling.

  • White Angel

    Hi jasmine my name is Samantha rae an i have been bataling my third realaps an i canot begin to tell you how many times ive lost my hair so all i have tell u is that you are Not your hair an if you think that your is what makes u pretty its not its whats inside of you that makes u Beautiful an what makes u strong an those peploe that mistake u for a boy are just unedguacated an iegnorate i u need to not give a crap about anything anyone eles says or thinks ok stay strong!

  • Becca Directioner

    I know the feeling all too well I’m Becca and I’m 16. My hair was my favorite thing about myself and I hated when people called me a boy. My hair is just coming back and my dad allowed me to dye it. I’m not completely comfortable with my hair but it makes me feel better and no one mistakes me for a boy anymore

  • amy

    I don’t know what I would have done if all my hair would’ve fallen out. id think that the only thing id want to do was hide in a corner and cry especially if they thought I was a guy. but don’t give up so soon you have to keep fighting on. remember… its not the outside that counts its the inside because…. the most rare beauty is found there. I might not have cancer so I might not know what ur going through but I hope that this helps you a little. btw im 15.
    wish you luck,

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