Too Young!

Just having one of those days. :( I am a two time cancer survivor. Within the past week, I have had three friends that have taken a turn for the worse in the cancer journey and my friend’s dad died from cancer. It makes my heart ache. My two out of the three friends that have taken the turn are 18 and 17. The other one is 22, almost 23. It is TOO young! It breaks my heart to know that  they may never get to get married or have a family or have fun at all. The worst part is that two of them don’t even live in town :( so I can’t be with them.

I sometimes feel bad that I am healthy. Is that normal? I know that God has a plan for everything that happens. But sometimes I wonder why them and not me? It kills me to see the families. They are just heartbroken. I just don’t like that some of my best friends may not be here anymore. :( I have already lost three close friends to cancer! It is AWFUL!

I guess at this point in time, all I can do is continue to pray for them and be there for them as much as possible.

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  • Kimberlee Deutsch

    Agreed! This is a hard situation to be in. You have to be glad and thankful for overcoming cancer. But yeah at the same time wondering, why for me and not someone else..
    It’s just like you said God has a plan, we don’t ever often know what that is, or when we get a glimpse it seems like it never makes sence. But it is what is it, and we just have to take it and make the most of it.

    I always loved the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger’
    I loved it before, but once I had lived it, it came so real. I went through so much, and everything that I went through took so much out of me, but in the end I have come out so much stronger.
    And I know that you have to be very strong having been through everything you have gone through. Just keep it up! And help others with that too.

    Now why everyone is not like that…? I can’t tell you that. Except that people have different plans for their lives.

    But I will tell you one thing, you do need to just be there for your friends (like you said) and they will be there for you! It never helps to put yourself away, to try and protect yourself.

    Hope this maybe helped a little. And If you need a friend, I am on facebook too, and I’d be glad to talk anytime

  • Bryn Thomson Mugnolo

    I really feel like I know what you mean. I lost to friends of mine to cancer within a year of each other. I hate wondering why it was them and not me. It seems like I really got off easy with my treatment.

    • Domi

      I know what you mean. I sometimes wonder why I got off so easy with treatment :/ it sucks!!

  • Kaitlynn Hartline

    My brother and i have the same condition (colon cancer). He’s 20, and i’m just turning 19 next month. I’ve had minimal growth in the past two years, and his is keeping the same pace, which is more than mine. I feel guilty everyday that i might not have to worry till im in my 40’s, and he may have to in his 30’s. You cant control whats out of your hands. All you can do is be grateful for what you have, and be there for your loved ones, because i promise you that thought never crossed their minds. Stay strong <3

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