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Hello I am a 16 year old teenager who went through cancer last year I had a germ cell tumor in my brain I went through chemo radiation and a few surgeries i like to think I know what im talking about lol.  But the page is called “support for teenagers going through cancer” search for it on facebook its the one with red blocks picture that say support.  Just post on the wall and we can start talking. You can also message me if you want it private my name is Braidon Schaffer my profile picture is a white hummer.  Il also link the page here!/pages/Support-For-Teenagers-Going-Through-Cancer/150351921695249

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi Braidon,

    Thanks for stopping in. We’re all here for your support.
    My guess is yes, you DO know what you’re talking about. Teens with cancer get it. There are many people on here who GET it. Sometimes I think it’s one of the hardest things to be an expert in. Right?

    I’m a two time cancer survivor myself…and I say there are days where you wish the expertise didn’t come so second nature. Yet, I believe that reaching out is one of the best ways to feel better about the experience.

    Braidon, it’s great to meet you and I am glad you found us.
    I hope you will continue to check back here and direct people you encounter walking this journey to this page.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester, NY

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