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Hi. My,name is Lahani. I’m 17 yeats old. I was diagnlsed with AML leukemia and its been nothing but a struggle. Emotionally, physcpically, mentally… I have sought support. Been turned away for being a teen, even had people become angry with me for inboxing their facebooks. I am running out of strength. I need support from other cancer victims. Most of all I need friends and someone to talk to, not just when i’m happy but also when I feel discouraged, frightened, sad or angry about my illness. I need people who understand i’m not just feeling sorry for myself. I’vw been emotionally battered in my search. If anyone at all could be a support to me please reply. Please contact me. Thank you.

  • Guillermo

    Im Guillermo (Guiyermo) Im 19 years old next July 13.
    I was dx in 2008 cancer (ewing sarcoma) one year treatment
    (surgery, chemo, radiation, chemo) Now Im healthy, happy
    and my check is every 4 months… No problem, my life is normal
    again. If you want, we can talk in internet… my mail is
    Next week I will open my Facebook Address..
    take care, and please dont be sad, is hard I know that, but is
    better to be sad… we need to have our emotionals cells in good conditions.

  • Katlynn Seeley

    Hey I was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and I am 19 and i know what kind of what your going through with the treatment and how nobody knows what its like to actually be going through this. I would just like to lend my support and possibly a friendship because I agree it drains everything i have got to deal with this stupid cancer, and I just wanted to lend my support again and let you know you can contact me :)

    • Jeremiah Goska

      hi katlynn i am going throo cancer it has been hard for me can we be friends on facebook please i don’t have any one that nos what i’m going throo can you help me if you can

  • Dolly James

    Hey, I don’t have A.L.L but i know what you are going through to a certain extent, Im 15 years old and have Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor cancer. If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to I’m here for you. I know how tough it can be to be a teen with cancer. Just know that it may be draining and not fun but it will work out in the long run.

    Anytime you need to talk contact me [:

  • Braidon Schaffer

    Hey man im 16 last year i went through cancer i have been through chemo radiation and a couple of surgeries i created a page on facebook “support for teenagers going through cancer”!/pages/Support-For-Teenagers-Going-Through-Cancer/150351921695249 hop overthere and post onthe wall il add you as a friend and we can start talking il tell you what ever i can

  • Jasmine Rae

    Hey im 17 and was diagnosed w/ AML december 11 2010. idk if i found u on fb but u can friend request me so we can talk my fb name is Jasmine Rae please contact me

  • Kimberlee Deutsch

    Hey!! I don’t physically know what you are going through (I was recently diagnosed with brain tumors) But emotionally I know what you mean. I often feel the same way, friends and family can either be of no help, or think that they are helping, but it’s just hard when they have no idea what you are going through.
    I’d love to talk if you need someone to talk to or even just to listen!

  • Elliott Powe

    Hello everyone im writing on behalf of my daughter. She’s has AML and only 1 year of age and she’s already had induction treatment and the chemotherapy hasn’t helped so far. Really im so scared for her right now and in shambles. I just lost my father Dec. 30 to cancer and now my daughter Kara is fighting for her life

  • Kaitlynn Hartline

    If you ever need someone to talk to, please do add me on facebook. Stay Strong <3

  • Farhana Ghaffoor

    hey sweetie..
    Be STRONG yea..give me ur email and i will write to u..
    we LOVE u..
    have faith and stay CONFIDENT!

  • Giggles

    Hey I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you but post your email address and maybe I could help.

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