First Round of Chemo tomorrow

I am no longer technically a teen… I just turned 20 in January.. but who’s counting really

I was diagnosed with a rare form of the Ewing’s Sarcoma family of tumors called PNET in February of this year.

I start my first round of an intense chemo cycle tomorrow.

Through out this whole thing I haven’t been scared of cancer, or death.. just the side effects and the things that I can’t predict.

I will loose my hair, probably blow up like a water balloon.. and apparently my nausea meds will make me super hungry so I could gain wait. I have never been one too worried about what people think of me and how I look. But now that my appearance is out of my control and I will have cancer patient written all over me.. I am so devastated.

How do you all handle the appearance changes?

xo K

  • Dominique

    Hello Kayla,
    I am 16 years old. When I was diagnosised at 13, I was like you. I wasnt worried about cancer or death. It was more of the physical apperance. I was starting high school and didn’t want to be the ‘different’ girl.
    I have realized over the past three years to not let what others say about you affect you. People made fun of me because of having no hair or being on the chubby side because of stupid steriods. At first I was devastated. I met a girl who was going through the same thing as me, she told me this. Screw what others think. You may look like this for now, but in the future, you will be able to say that you have beat cancer!
    Just remember that. I know it is hard and there will be some days where you don’t want anyone to come and see you, but just keep your head up.
    If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to email me.

    Hope tomorrow goes well!!

    • Kayla Blair

      Thanks so much!!! first round went okay.. my hair is definitely thinning now. I get it cut short on Monday.. not because I want to tho lol.

      The bad days are hard.. but the good days make it all worth while!

      Thanks so much! feel free to add me on facebook!

  • Guillermo

    Hi Kayla
    Im Guillermo (Guiyermo) And now Im 19 years old.
    When I had 16 years old was dx with ewings sarcoma soft tissue (in my back.. grow a lump ) a little lump… Well, no problem. I had surgery, chemo 15 rounds, radiation 28 days and finishing with chemo…
    One year of treatment a little hard, but mmm I love ate lemon ice cream, help me so much my stomach… I live in Mexico, and learn to speak and write in english when I start all this great adventure… Please dont be sad, we need to be in good conditions and with good attitude i so very important.
    If you want to know more things, you can write me when you want, no problem,. I want to help you to understand more this… is a little hard when we begining this, but we learn quickly.
    my mail is
    soon I will open my facebook address…
    Take care
    Mèxico, D.F.
    Where do you live?

  • Molly Emerson

    Hey everyone I just finished my last round of chemo and the nausea is like the worst this time. I really enjoy tea, but I don`t know what kind will help settle my stomach. I think mints work,but I don`t know any other kinds that will work.

    • ana carolina

      Hello there my name is Ana Carolina and I also finished my last round of chemo 2 days ago, i’m soo happy, i know that im free of caner now, i can feel it, im a very positive about it! But i also had a terrible nausea these two last days, it’s weird because i don’t really have with nausea when i have chemeo

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