hey everyone. im new to this site. so i dont really know how it works. im 20 yrs old && i was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer at 17 yrs old. i had to have a histerectomy && no longer have the abililty to bear children. i have had 3 re-occurences since then. im going through thte 3rd now. ive never been able to talk about how i feel with family or friends because they dont feel the same pain && hurt as i do. i was just wondering if there was anyone else on here who may have a cervical cancer or one similiar to mine. although being 20 yrs old im suppost to be strong && not worry but that really isnt true i just found out recently that im going to loose my hair && even though my wig is beautiful im still really upset about it. i know people have it much worse than me && i shouldnt be upset but ive never felt so alone && so unlike me in my whole life even when i had like 2 friends in school. i appreciate you reading what i have to say & & i really hope i can find someone or someones to talk to maybe my life wont feel so alone or worthless..thank you

cassi perrin

20 yrs old

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    just be positive to face the world, and do thing which can help the others, that it’s worth to have a travel on this world because after that, lots people will remember you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LeahAShearer Leah Shearer


    Girl…I wish I could give you the biggest hug right now. But just imagine that my arms are stretching through the computer to you.

    First of all, don’t ever let anyone tell you or even feel guilty for feeling what you are feeling. What you have been through is something so very very difficult. Yes, there are some who have it worse. But right now…what you feel is all your own. It takes so much strength to walk forward when you have had so much altered or taken from what was a “normal” life. Although none of us can walk each other’s exact paths I can feel your hurt.

    I grew up as a chronically ill teenager–and in my 20s I was diagnosed with two cancers (back to back). There were times I just got so frustrated…thinking “what’s next?”

    You have come to the right place. I do know that there are very young women who have suffered this difficulty (not as common in teens) but I have this feeling you are going to find those who get it here.

    You are not alone. So not alone. I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Christine Baze. She was of course older when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer…but hearing her story might provide some comfort and inspiration.

    The link below gives you a little snapshot about her…


    Cassie–you will walk through this.
    I know it seems like the road is so uphill, but you just keep a smile on that face…and find things every day to grab laughter, happiness, sunshine. Do not be afraid to reach out.
    You have our support here.

    Would you want to email me separately too at leah@teenslivingwithcancer.org?

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester, NY

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhartley13 Becky Hartley

    Hello! Although I do not have cervical cancer (I have a brain tumor) I am twenty as well and know just how difficult it is. It is very hard to have to be considered an adult when you feel so weak and vulnerable. I also had my moments where I felt guilty about complaining, mainly because I was on a chemo pill, making it much more convenient, though after seeing a therapist, I have gotten better. There is always going to be someone worse off, but that does not make what you are going through any less difficult than it is. I had my hard times, which I got through, and I’m sure that if my situation had been worse, I would have gotten through it, but that didn’t make what I went through any less difficult to handle at the time.

    It is very stressful making that transition into adulthood, and even more difficult when having to deal with something like this. Especially when not being able to have children comes into play. There is the chance that the chemo I was on will make me not be able to have kids, which makes me hurt so much. All I want to do is be a mom. But I’m trying to remind myself that there are so many beautiful children in this world already who don’t have a family who could one day become a part of mine.

    You are not alone or worthless. You are a blessing to this world. I don’t know if you are already, but I would recommend seeing a therapist. I have been seeing mine once a week for quite some time now. It has been such a great help, whether I need the time to vent, talk about normal everyday things, breakdown, or talk to someone who isn’t a family member. It’s basically become another support system, though a more “objective” one. It has been a great help.

    Feel free to Facebook me if you would like to talk some more,

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1610011937 Quinton Cook

      Hi, my name is Quinton Cook. I’m 19 and was diagnosed with leukemia last summer. I know wat u mean about becoming an adult and being on your own beening crushed down cus ya feel so week and sickly. I know that my own plans for collage and a new life were put on hold and replaced with a lot of depression and stress.

  • Cadee QIu

    Hey girl :)
    I just want to tell you that I know someone who has cancer and is having her third chemo. I think I know a bit of the pain form her stories, and just wanted to tell you that no one would care if u have hair or not because you’re still you.

    My friend was really upset that she lost her hair (and trust me, it was beautiful) but we all learned to deal with it. Nowadays we just play around with her wig everyday and everyone take pictures wearing it :)

    One more thing: remember that you’ll always be love <3

  • Becca

    My name is Becca, I’ve never been through cancer but I’m here to talk if you want to’ even though I’m 8 years younger, I will still be here if you need it

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