New to this – I’m Layla

Hi, my name is Layla. I’m new to this website… not really sure what to post or if I’m doing this right. But I’m 17 years old & I’m a junior.  I’m from Oak Island, North Carolina. I live with my mom and 2 little brothers, ages 6 & 13. I was diagnosed with Hodkin’s lymphoma around two years ago & had chemo, radiation, and a stem cell transplant for treatment. And now I’m in remission. (: I also do color guard for the marching band and love to sing.

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  • Cassi Lynn

    wow layla im so sorry to hear about your cancer. im really glad you are lucky and its in remisson. i really hope it stays that way && you can live a long happy healthly life. but i have a few ?’s for you. how did you keep your self up when you where going through it? im going through cervical cancer and im much older than you are yet i cant seem to be as upbeat as you no matter how hard i try. ..i really hope youll respond && let nme know…i hope your doing well and im looking forward to hearing from you

    • Lily Schirmer

      hey Layla! I was diagnosed with Hodgkins also , november of last year…and i ALSO love to sing!! I am really happy to know you are doing well because it sounds like we went through the same process.

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