how can i handle a death?

one of my best friends died march 16 of last year and we are coming up on his 1 year his name was brian but two weeks before that my friend iryri died cause the chemo didnt work and the luekemia took over. In 2006 on febuary 13 my grandma died from cancer and now its happening it two more friends are going to leave me im still not over brian and iryri i have broken down in school and my emotions are taking over me i dont know how to handle it again i know people on here have been where ive been

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  • Leah Shearer


    Can I ever relate to the words you wrote. It’s hard, isn’t it?

    Breaking down sometimes seems like more than just a phrase.
    ‘Young people aren’t supposed to know loss,’ we’re told. Yet, it’s not really the case. It’s hard enough to have someone move away from you that you care about– but death seems unbearable. It does feel like you are about break, but you won’t. But it’s not easy…

    I’ve lost a number of friends and wonderful people in my life to cancer.
    It hurts every time. I don’t think it is supposed to get easier.
    Sometime there just aren’t words to capture how hard it is.

    I am sending you a great big E-hug. And you will not break, I promise.

    I think the best thing to do is to talk to someone about it. You already found a great place to talk about it with people who can understand just what you’re going through. But make sure you keep yourself surrounded with things that comfort you where you live. The answer to what comforts you may be very different for you than it is for me. But overall, talking about your feelings can be healing.

    Do you have sources of support outside of us? Make sure you reach out for them.

    Has anyone else been struggling with loss? Any insights for Monica?

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

  • Sparx101angel

    hi monica
    about two years ago my best friend tori died to leukemia and I say that it doesn’t go away. Yesterday I cried really hard because one of my friends said something that reminded me of her. She was only 13 when she went and she would have been 15 this year. You never forget someone close to you, cherish their memories and the time you spent with her. I know exactly what you are going through. If you need anyone to talk to I am right here :)

  • Kindman Francis

    IN a culture that places so much emphasis on life, youth and health, the concept of death can be overwhelming. The death of a friend or family member can cause deep depression and bitterness. And the news that you might be terminally ill is enough to make your blood run cold. But everyone dies sooner or later. How do we handle It.?
    The psalm offers much comfort. They present death as a shadow, a fleeting moment in which the sunlight of life turns. Many people who have near- death, experiences recounts a confined existence –of going to a different places, meeting family members, and feeling a tremendous sense of love.

    Your response to death really depends on knowing whether or not life ends at death. The bible assures us that it doesn’t for those who have a relationship with the author of life; God.
    “He who believes in me, though he may die he shall live” (John 11:25) claim this promise; it will help you accept mortality. It will give you the courage to live confidently the life you have, knowing that you are on heir to eternity.
    (1 Samuel 2:6, ps116:15, John 11:23 and 1corinth 15:21 also read Ps 23:4)

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