bad new today

today i found out that i was going to need a bonemarrow transplant soon .im so glad it happen to me then any other person . mom taking it hard .im only 13 . i just want some who knows what im going through. well now u meet me! its nice to talk to people how know what im going trough . i have this blood disorder for about 9 years now. we found out i had it when i was 4!!

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  • Monica

    i had a bone marrow transplant i know what ur going to go through! i did not have a blood disorder but i did have blood cancer so if u want to ask me something email me!

  • Leah Shearer

    Sorry to hear that you got this news. Though, as I read this message I couldn’t help but think that you must be a very special person to think about others when you are going through so much.

    One of my beliefs about illness is that although we do no chose it, it allows us to find ways to work through it. Our strength becomes realized. I have this feeling that you have a strength all your own. The fact that you sought out us tells me you know how to help yourself through. Take it one day at at time.

    I hope you will find plenty of comfort and support right here.
    We are here for you.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

  • Six Minatrea

    thanks i really need it .im just glad it happen to me .i know i have to take one day at a time but it hard bc u want to see what happens next .

  • Six Minatrea

    well today we went mom does want to do it .but it there and i need it ,they hope to we can wait untill school end but i dont think i can .it weird bc the doc found out why it hurt for me to eat .she told me its bc of all this going on. so yea . well counts fell again and i fell terible all i want to do is sleep .im always sleepy. well ill kept ya posted go back next fri . i have weekly vists.

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