Shingles who has had it?

my life sucks im very sad i have shingles iv never been in so much pain its on my head my neck part of my face and going down my back. who has had shingles what did u have to do? i have reached my life time capacity of crap. tonight is my homcoming and it was also my testing day for tae kwon do but instead of doing all that im stuck in a hospital bed on a diff. floor with nurses i dont know and who dont know me i dont like this i was too sick to go to homecoming last year and two weeks later found out i had cancer. im so sad and have been crying off and on all day long yesterday too…. my mom says to find the best of something at the end of the day i havent found anything 1. im in pain 2. im itching like crazy 3. my shingles are blistering 4. i had to get blood drawn and a iv put in cause i already have had my line taken out 5. i want to be a normal highschool kid dancing the night away but obviously im not 6. ive been practicing harder then ever for my tae kwon do test 7. im on so many pain drugs i think im high jk lol but i just need advice from people who know and understand whats going

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  • Leah Shearer

    I know that this is hard…but will you trust me on something? It gets better.
    As someone who missed plenty of homecomings and special events that the teen years are supposed to be made of—I felt that pain. It was hard to get through and it made me so angry.
    And boy can I relate to the “lifetime capacity of crap” statement. Sing it!

    But—-and you knew there was a but—right? Your mom is right. Uh–oh—you’re going to get me for saying that…aren’t you…?

    It’s true. Through pain and through the tough stuff in life you develop insights. When you get through these rough spots you are going to be able to look back and see how much you learned and how much you grew. SURE you don’t want to have to face this stuff…and I wish you didn’t have to—but sometimes in life we are thrown something that we have to find a way to deal with.

    Take a minute every now and then to let it out. It is frustration beyond measure and you have to vent. But remember–then you have to have a plan for yourself…
    Goal setting can be done even from a hospital bed. Even if the goals are small for that day or the joy is something simple —reach for it–and when you get there—celebrate.

    I don’t know your name but I am cheering for you. YOU can beat this thing—and I believe you can do it by saying Cancer…you will not get the best of me.

    Hang in there. :)

  • Elijha Couch

    Wow I just had shingles a few months ago and trust me I know it’s painful, I used to fall on the floor because of the pain, but the good news is that it gets alot better over time, I’m still taking some meds for it but I have no pain, you’ll make it through this and I missed out on a bunch of high school activities, because I got diagnosed in the second semester of ninth grade, so I know how you feel, missing out on everything but just know that you’ll be wiser and stronger and you would be able to help someone else. good luck hope you feel better :)

  • Dore Medero

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