Everything changes during a moment

Someone’s life begins while another ends

A smile turns into a frown

A room full of people turns into nothing

Everything you ever wanted to do,


Nothing else matters

Nothing else is important

You no longer belong to yourself

Everything you use to love,

no longer holds interest for you

Peace is no longer found in faces or places

War is lurking around th corner

The only thing that matters

The only thing that is important


  • kathleen

    i’m scared. i had cancer, twice. once when i was 6 the other , last year, when i was 14. i went though all the pain, the lonlieness, all the chemo, and a huge surgery. ever since that surgey i havent been the same. i’m shaky, i dont sleep at all, and somtimes have these angrey outbreaks i can’t control. i’m upset because no one really understands and i just want someone who does, who can actually realte to me. doctors say now that i have to have another huge surgey to straiten my back because they had to remove bones and the muscel in my spine cause it was cancer infected. if they do this surgery i wont be able to have any more MRIs beacuse of the beams in my back. i afraid that my cancer will come back but this time doctors wont be able to see it. i’m scared i really need someone to talk to! i’m desprate… please.

    • Sparx101angel

      hey angel im sure nothing will happen after that surgery…I had a friend with leukemia that passed away I know what its like to watch someone die but not the feeling itself stay strong and live life :)


    • Quinton Cook

      Hey Kathleen, my name’s Quinton. I’m 19 and just got cancer in last year, in June, the summer of my senior year. Dear Lord does it suck, eternally. I mean yeah you try to put on a brave face for everyone and they all say that they really admire your courage; which they do. But at times they might as well be empty words; because they don’t know, they’ll never know the pain. And that’s the only real way to see it as; Pain. You can label it as depression or heartache or fear, but in the end it can only really boil down to pain, at least in my experience. Hey I know where’re a couple of years apart, but if you really need someone to talk to, my email is quintonator09. Just email me with you name and when you would like to talk and I’ll give you my number

  • Rachel

    Marissa, I think your poem just described everything I felt when I was diagnosed and still feel to this day. You truly have a gift with words. Continue to use this talent to help you express your feelings whenever you feel like no one understands. :)

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