going back to school need advice

ok well i havent been to school as a normal student since november 12 the day i was diagnosed with cancer and now this weds. is my first day back and im nervous since ive been gone for so long i need advice who has done this before?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carolinedemi Caroline Llarena

    i would suggest that you find your group of friends (if you have one) and stay with them for a while :) talk with them before you go to school..tell them your concerns and worries with people making you feel bad and stuff like that! youll be glad you did..they’ll protect you from anyone that wants to give you a hard time. and if your confident, wear your beanie/bandana with pride, or go bare!! you can wear a wig too if you want, anything that makes you feel confident :) that’s key…im so glad your going back :) good luck!!!

    • hereforme

      thanks that really made me feel good now that i think about it i havent talked to my group of friends in awhile ill give them a call now and again thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.paton1 Shannon Paton

    i went back to school and it was ok..just remember there are some loosers out ther as i gatherd today..some stupid older boy thought it was funny to pull my bandanna of my head, if your feeling crappy or upset just go to a teacher and they will help, well most of the time anyway?..good luck!.x

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