I have colon cancer.

wow. feels alot better to just get it out there.

my dad passed away of it when i was 3 1/2 years old.. passed it on to my brother and me. Ever since i was about 10 years old, i’ve had to go in for yearly colonoscopies. i think the worst part about it all is dealing with the embarassment. nobody wants to say “i have colon cancer”. i spent years wishing it was something less gross, like liver cancer, or leukemia.. now i’m 18, and i’ve learned to accept it, and that if someone is weirded out by it, then theyre nobody to keep around..

two years ago they did the usual colonoscopy and found that the benign polyps had grown into cancerous ones. they pulled them out for testing, and the next year they found no new growths.. going in for my next scope in a month and a half.. i’m scared to death.

i don’t want to go through chemo. spend months, maybe years, bed ridden, having my whole colon removed, being dependant on everyone else for everything, not being able to work, or go to school. going through multiple surgeries, all for what? i know that its gonna be tough and i should just do it, cuz its my life we’re talking about.. but at the same time i dont wanna go through all that pain..

im not even sure why i’m writing this here, i guess i’m hoping someone or someones can relate.. even a little bit.. i hate feeling alone like this. like i only have myself to talk to about it..

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  • Leah Shearer

    You’re not alone…squishyish.

    I think the hardest part about cancer is the fear…and because you’ve seen it at such an early age it is totally natural that you would be dealing with all these emotions.

    The most important thing to remember is that knowledge is half the battle. You know that this is in your family medical history—and you are taking the appropriate action and steps to protect your health.

    Remember— although this is scary— you sound like you are in good hands.

    Are the other teens on here who have dealt with the fear from a parent/relative or friends cancer?

    Leah Shearer (two time young adult cancer survivor, TLC Rochester Program Coordinator)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001538509254 Matthew Zaluski

    you wouldnt have lived with liver cancer be thankful

    • Hanna

      I had liver cancer and I survived

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001538509254 Matthew Zaluski

    i wish i had something easily survivable like colon cancer

    • Elise

      Colon cancer isn’t always easily survivable, but I wish you the best of luck with whatever you’re battling.

  • Hanna

    I had liver cancer and I am still here.

  • Elise

    Hello. I just wanted to say that my boyfriend is 18 and he too has colon cancer. You aren’t alone, and I’m sure you’ll make it through this. Just be strong and believe :).

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

      Thanks <3 all the best to your boyfriend as well :)
      (again sorry for the delay, just got my internet back lol)

  • Leah Shearer

    I just wanted to chime in here because I feel it’s important to do so.
    When we are talking about survivable cancers…Every case is different. Every person is different.

    So therefore, the textbooks, the internet and even all of modern medicine can’t truly predict the future.

    Cancer is not easy to understand. None of us can claim to completely comprehend it or its course.

    Hope is very important, so I want everyone to know that.

    Staying strong is the best advice Elise. That’s just what you have to do.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

  • MzeA

    hi , im only 13 yrs old , i dont really have many of the symptoms but can i ask if i can have colon cancer at this age ??? becuz i feel the pain in my anus and im worrying .. could it be colon cancer ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

      hey, sorry im just getting back to you now, ive been without internet for quite some time lol
      i cant answer your question because i’m honestly not qualified, but i highly doubt it would be colon cancer, unless there’s a history of it in your family. I suggest going to a doctor and telling him your symptoms and he can determine it, but i think you’re worrying for nothing, cancer doesnt really work that way, and 13 is QUITE young for it to be progressed enough to start feeling pain. i’m 19 now and i still dont feel anything on a day-to-day basis, im just aware that its there. Hope this helped, and i wish all the best for you hun <3

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

        oh and to clarify, i’m squishyish, i created the account before it got linked with facebook lol

  • http://Aol Sarah

    I just had a colonoscopy done last week and the doctor found a pretty big polyp and they said the bigger it is the more likely to be cancer. I’m only 17 and at my age I’m supposed to be worrying about a date to homecoming. Not colon cancer. I just hope to god it isn’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

      I know the feeling.. but don’t think the worst just yet, hopefully its not, but if it is, you’ll get through it. If you find out it is, and need someone to talk to, im here :) stay strong love <3

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  • http://Aol Sarah

    Thank you so much :) I talk to my friends about it but hey don’t know how to react or what to say when I tell them I’m worried. Thats why I found this. But I won’t know for sure until Thursday so I just keep hoping it isnt

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

      (im too lazy to sign in..) No problem love, if you ever need someone to vent to, im always here :) Keep us posted !
      Stay strong<3

  • http://Aol Sarah

    Good news! It wasn’t cancer :) but if icinoredvit fir a few more years it would’ve been

    • http://Aol Sarah

      Would have ignored it*

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582566223 Kaitlynn Hartline

        oh thats good! so glad to hear you’re okay love ! <3

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000228936221 Sarah Krieg

        Thank you so much for your support though :)

  • Moxialdy_12

    i’m currently experiencing some symptoms like blood and mucus in my stool .. I often feel like I have to have a bowel movement but can’t. Also, I’ve noticed a pain in my lower abdomen when bending certain ways. I just don’t know if there’s anyone in my family had a colon cancer ..do you think i have ?

    • Sarah

      Im not sure what it is, but you should tell your parents, and get a colonoscopy just to make sure. I hope everythigs ok, and we’ll be here for you if anything goes wrong. Just stay strong and hope for the best

    • Kaitlynn

      Hi Moxi, sorry i didnt see this until now. I hope you’ve gone to the doctor about it by now. Its easy to jump to the worst conclusion (cancer), but it could very well be something completely different. Abdominal pain is usually something else, could be a bladder infection, or your kidneys, but hard to say if you’re having blood. I do hope you go to the doctor, and please keep us updated! Here if you need anything at all <3 Stay strong love

  • F4llen

    hi there! im sorry to hear you have this cancer…i just found out today i might have it as well, or may possibly have crohn’s disease. i was wondering what are some of your treatments as far as chemotherapy goes are and some of your symptoms? im scared to death, and i’ll be 17 in about a week.

  • Emi:)

    I’m 15 years old Iv had my gallbladder took out about two years ago, I had a colonoscopy about a year ago and they just found an inflamed stomach,I’m still having daily problems, Iv had a lot of pain all over my stomach,blood in my poop,constipation and Diarria, I have extreme bloating to the point that it hurts,I have bad heartburn,Iv tried just about every pain meds and dr meds they gave me,I deal with this every day of my life! And I feel like nobody is listening to me not even doctors,they always brush it off saying oh well it’s ibs,Iv looked up symptoms of ibs and none of the symptoms say that I will have blood in my poop,I just need somebody to tell me that I’m not overreacting that it’s something is wrong and I’m so scared and nobody will listen.

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  • Danielle

    I’ve been experiencing extreme nausea for 4 months now. I’ve had constipation on and off for about two or three months. My poop is not normal. I am so worried. Every doctor I’ve been to just tells me that it’s minor constipation or the stomach bug. IVE BEEN NAUSEOUS FOR 4 MONTHS NOW AND HAVENT THROWN UP ONCE. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a doctor that will help me. I just want to feel better and live my life. There’s absolutely no chance of me being pregnant either. There’s a history of colon cancer on my moms biological side of the family. I’m petrified and worried that I might have it. I know it’s crazy and that I shouldn’t think that. I’m inly 18 but it’s possible and I’m terrified.. That thought is always in the back of my mind. I just need answers. I feel so helpless and misunderstood.

    • zerrolelouch

      hey there im 19 and same i feel self pity lately and helpless too cause the symptoms are consistent to me and im so really worried and i dont have the braveness to tell my family about this :( i know this is an old comment but i hope your fine rn as well as me soon *sorry for my english*

      • Ellie

        Are you still online ? Going through very similar symptoms atm :(

  • Me

    I’ve has all the symptoms for many weeks now im 13 finally going to the doc praying everything’s ok I’m constipated and when I poop its bloody or floating or looks shredded

  • Negan Leader Of The Saviours

    I know this is an old comment thread, but I just wanted to ask a question, do you HAVE to bleed out of your anus for it to be anything like bowel or colon cancer?

  • Jackie

    Hi is anyone still on here? I’ve been having blood in my stool for months now but I never thought anything of it until I started having bad lower abdominal pains and thought it was wierd. I looked it up and now I feel like I should tell my parents and go to a doctor but I don’t want to because it’s probabaly just nothing right??

  • Ellie

    if any of you are still active please get back to me!!

    • hazel

      I am active

      • Ellie

        I have been having blood in my stool, nausea, back ache, bloating for months now :( I have had blood tests done for inflammation and full blood count and all came back okay, had a stool test which also came back okay, does anyone have any idea?? :(

      • Wahaab

        Omg colonoscopy right away please

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