I think my friend’s lying about illnesses

I have a friend who around the same time as I was diagnosed with an MDS, like me. He also said he had a lung cancer that just “went away” and that the only reason he wasnt losing his hair was because of a reaction between the chemo/radiotherapy he was supposedly having and Amoebic Dysentery… I’m pretty sure that can’t happen. And then about a week ago he told me he wasn’t having treatment anymore because he couln’t be bothered, and then he said that he had been misdiagnosed and he hadn’t got RAEB-T, they had mistaken the amoebic dysentery for it. If anyone has any views or advice or anything, I’d really appreciate it.

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  • Sarah Simpson

    i have been in you position. there was this girl who faked have the same cancer i have and when i asked her Questions about she did not use like the medical terms. and i asked her where she was in her treatment and all she would tell me is she is not getting chemo at the moment because she had a cold. when i had a cold or even an Infection they did not take me off of chemo only if my counts were super low. when people found out she was faking she made her friend tell everyone she died. the cancer i have witch is acute lymphocytic leukemia. i was told it was the most common cancer in children/teens and most curable.
    You should try to ask Questions that he would need to know like something medical.
    Or what i did was tell her that someone faked and they got in alot of trouble.sometimes you have to lie to get the truth.
    And not losing hair? that would take a miracle. Being misdiagnosed not a high chance for doctors to be mistaken. it can happen. stopping treatment is a risk i asked if i could and they told me the consequences even is i wanned to leave out one drug they strongly suggested i didnt .
    Hope i helped a little bit. :)

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